HPE iLOrest Overview

HPE iLOrest is an open source and free of charge command-line interface that allows you to manage Hewlett Packard Enterprise products that take advantage of the Redfish RESTful API.

With iLOrest, you can manage HPE Gen9 servers running iLO 4 version 2.10 and later, HPE Gen10 servers running HPE iLO 5 version 1.20 and later and HPE Gen11 servers running HPE iLO 6 firmware 1.05 and later. You can install the tool on your computer for remote use or you can install the tool locally on a server with a Windows OS or Linux OS. All the distribution packages are available from GitHub.

In addition to using the tool interactively to execute individual commands, you can create scripts to automate tasks. A debug mode is also available to troubleshoot or to get a better understanding of the Redfish protocol.


The HPE iLOrest tool is sometime referred as the RESTful Interface Tool in this document.